MY ROLE:   Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Social Media Visuals, Web Application UI/UX Design, Landing Page UI/UX Design
channels:   Digital, Print, Social Media

EXOBILL is a desktop app designed for dental technicians, meant to be used primarily in correlation with Exocad (a software solution for digital dentistry). This web application will fast-track the process of generating bills and other necessary paperwork.
The idea behind the name: EXO (hinting at the Exocad app) + BILL (the bills that the app will generate). The motto “Live Slow, Bill Fast” encompasses the idea of working smart, fast and efficiently, while allowing more time for personal growth, hobbies and family life. The target audience is represented by any and all dental technicians that aren't afraid of using technology to better their lives.
I was in charge of creating a complete brand identity, building the ui & ux for both the web app and its corresponding landing page. The direction I took with visuals was a very clean and modern feel, with strong, bold colors.

Web Application screens

web app visual identity elements

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